In a world that is becoming highly competitive, globalized and sophisticated, it is imperative for countries to have leaders and public sector managers who can not only measure up to the current challenges but also anticipate and prepare for future ones. Particularly for a country like Bhutan, given its unique geo-political and economic realities, its leaders must have a vision that is common and collective, far-reaching yet contemporary, reflecting the aspirations of every single citizen and the nation as a whole. This, in essence, calls for truly self-less leadership and a system of governance that is clean, efficient and citizen-centered. This is crucial for the long-term unity, sovereignty and prosperity of Bhutan.

The Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic Studies (RIGSS) was, therefore, established, as envisioned by His Majesty the King, to provide a forum to train both incumbent and potential leaders in all major areas of nation building. RIGSS provides high-quality education and discourse on governance, public policy and leadership, aided by result-oriented research to influence and shape real-life public policy decisions.

As Bhutan enters a new era in its evolution as a sovereign kingdom, RIGSS offers yet another avenue for our leaders to come together and generate the ideas that provide solutions to the challenges we face even as we move forward into the depths of the 21st Century.

RIGSS aspires to become a premier Institute for the promotion of excellence in governance, leadership and strategic studies.