Admissions for 4th Young Professionals Leadership Program (YPLP-4)

The fourth Young Professionals Leadership Program (YPLP-4) will be held at RIGSS from 16th April to 13th May 2017. The Online Admission System will be open from 11.00 AM on 10th February 2017 and will close at 5.00 PM on 2nd March 2017.

Kindly read the following information on ADMISSIONS carefully:


Sl. No. Category/Sector Mode of selection Slots Remarks
1 His Majesty’s nominees Nomination 4
2 Civil Servants Open competition 15
3 Armed Forces Nomination by Armed Forces and final selection by RIGSS 3 RBA-1; RBG-1; RBP-1
5 Corporations/SoEs Nomination by agencies and final selection by RIGSS 5
6 Private/CSOs/Others Open competition 3 Contingent upon funding assurance


  1. Civil Servants:
    • Applicants must have a minimum qualification of Bachelors degree (any field)
    • Applicants must be in P3 position level
    • Applicants should have been born on 16th April 1977 or later
  2. Constitutional Bodies/Autonomous Agencies/Corporations/SoEs/CSOs/Private Companies/Others
    • Applicants must have a minimum qualification of Bachelors degree (any field)
    • Applicants must possess a minimum work experience of 8 years (CVs should clearly specify job history)
    • Applicants should have been born on 16th April 1977 or later.
  3. Armed Forces
    • Applicants must be in the rank of a Major
    • Applicants must have a minimum qualification of Bachelors degree (any field)

Candidates applying for the program MUST submit the following documents online during the time of registration.

  • Copy of CID card
  • Copy of Class X and XII academic transcripts/mark sheets
  • Copy of Bachelor’s degree certificate (no transcripts/mark sheets required)
  • Copy of Masters/PhD degree certificates (if any)
  • Copy of Audit clearance (if applicable)
  • Security Clearance from RBP (the institute will verify this online, copy need not be submitted)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • One pp-sized photo with white background
  • Certificates/credentials of extra-ordinary achievements
  • Skype ID


The total cost per candidate for the 4-week training program is Nu. 240,000/- which includes tuition fees, hostel accommodation, meals and refreshments, conveyance between institute and hostel, stationery, Wi-Fi internet, recreation and library facilities and a week long out door learning expedition. While the course fees for selected civil servants will be paid for by the RCSC, fees for selected candidates from other sectors will have to be paid for by the respective nominating organizations or individuals, as applicable.


Online Application
All interested and eligible candidates from the civil service, private companies and CSOs and those nominated from the Corporations and Armed Forces are invited to register and apply for the course through the RIGSS Online Application System, which will open at 11.00 AM on 10th February 2017. Registered users will be given access to the Online Admission Tests.
Submission of Written Works & Other Credentials
Online application system will close at 5.00 PM on 2nd March 2017. Applicants must submit their written works and other credentials on or before this date. While the minimum qualification required to be eligible for the YPLP program is a Bachelor’s Degree, candidates with higher academic qualifications will be given additional points in the selection. Further, extra-ordinary achievements, which are supported by proof of recognition/reward, will also be awarded additional points in the final selection.
Screening of the Applicants
Candidates who do not meet the eligibility criteria or do not submit the required documents listed above will be rejected during the screening.
Short-listing of Candidates
A panel of experts will evaluate the written works submitted by applicants. Based on evaluation of the written works, marks obtained in the Class X and XII Board examinations and academic qualifications, applicants will be shortlisted and names of the shortlisted candidates will be announced latest by 5.00 PM on 17th March 2017 on the Institute’s website (
Psychometric Test
Shortlisted candidates will have to give an online psychometric test as a part of the final selection during 20th – 24th March 2017. The tests will be bought and paid for by the institute. The candidate shall complete the test within the stipulated time. Scores obtained from the test will be used in the final selection of candidates. Test instructions and deadline will be emailed to candidates soon after the shortlisted candidates are declared.
Skype/Telephonic Interview
A Skype/telephonic interview will be organized during 20th- 24th March 2017 for all shortlisted candidates. The interview will last for 15-20 minutes, and scores obtained from the interview will be used in the final selection of candidates. The Institute will schedule the interviews for all shortlisted candidates and intimate the same in advance.
Final Selection
Marks obtained for written works, psychometric test, telephonic interview, extraordinary achievements and other credentials will be summed up for generation of the final results.
Names of the selected candidates will be announced within 3rd April 2017 on the Institute’s website (

The institute will issue a Letter of Offer to all selected candidates.

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