Bhutan Executive Services Training (BEST)

The Bhutan Executive Services Training or BEST is a two-week training program on leadership development, exclusively designed for the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) for senior executives in the civil service. The core objective of BEST is to equip the executives with the right knowledge, insights, skills and strategies as demanded, by changing times and circumstances, of a 21st century public service leader.

BEST draws inspiration from the larger reforms being undertaken by the RCSC to promote professionalism, efficiency and integrity in the civil service. RCSC’s Leadership Capability Framework has been used as the basis for content development for BEST, which encompasses the following five broad areas:

  1. Strategic view
  2. Achieving results
  3. Cultivating productive working relationships
  4. Exemplifying personal drive and integrity
  5. Communicating effectively

Through the core modules on human values and civil service ethos; leadership and management; communication and presentation skills; effective negotiation skills; and a social media workshop, BEST is designed to impart knowledge, create awareness and more importantly, help participants develop a set of core competencies in the five broad leadership capability areas mentioned above to enable them to better tackle issues and challenges confronting 21st Century Bhutan.

BEST was launched on 26th July 2015.