Foundational Leadership Program (FLP)

The Foundational Leadership Program (FLP) is the seventh leadership program that RIGSS is launching. It is specifically targeted for entry-level professionals and with its launch, RIGSS covers the entire spectrum of professionals in its leadership development efforts- from entry-level to senior executives, in various sectors.

FLP’s main objective is to provide the seemingly crucial professional orientation and grooming, skills development and attitudinal transformation for the very young professionals towards becoming great future leaders. FLP will possibly be the first leadership training for many of the participants, and would thus serve as a springboard for their leadership career.

FLP will be a four-week course. Three weeks of the course will focus on promoting a better understanding and appreciation of the evolution of Bhutan as a sovereign nation-state; our challenges and vulnerabilities in the changing global and regional context; values and ethics; foundational leadership skills and related tools; right mindset and motivation for public service and a better understanding of GNH and its practical interpretations.

As a part of FLP, RIGSS will introduce an Immersion Program, where participants will spend a week in a rural community to assess potential and impact of development interventions in transforming people’s lives, and the role and challenges of local governance at the grassroots level. This will give the young participants a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in our rural communities that would stimulate them to reflect on our national priorities and policies, going forward. It would also allow them to interact and work together in an informal setting thereby enhancing bonding and collaboration.

Course launch date: 4th June 2017