Young Professionals Leadership Program

The Young Professionals Leadership Program (YPLP) is a four-week course intended for mid-career professionals from various sectors and focusesĀ on the development of character, capability and interpersonal skills. It also includes discussions on key national issues which our future leaders need to be cognizant of. The four week course also includes a week-long out door learning expedition and team building camp.

YPLP offers an opportunity for the civil service, armed forces, corporate and other sectors to identify and groom future leaders early in their career so as to train, guide and enable them to realize their full leadership potential. It allows for cross-fertilization of ideas between the various disciplines and promotes networking and bonding between and amongst the participants.

The total cost per candidate for the 4-week training program is Nu. 240,000/- which includes tuition fees, hostel accommodation, meals and refreshments, conveyance between institute and hostel, stationery, Wi-Fi internet, recreation and library facilities and a week long out door learning expedition.