Young Professionals Leadership Program(YPLP)

Course Launched: 10th April 2016

The Young Professionals Leadership Program (YPLP) is a four-week course intended for mid-career professionals from various sectors.

The program offers an opportunity for the civil service, armed forces, corporate and other sectors to identify and groom potential future leaders so as to train, guide and enable them to realize their full leadership potential. It allows for cross-fertilization of ideas between the various disciplines and promote networking and bonding amongst the participants. Participants of the course are also exposed to some of the pertinent national issues and emerging challenges of which they need to be cognizant about. 

The course includes a week-long outdoor learning expedition and team building camp. The main objective of this outdoor module is to help participants build self-awareness and skills to work as a team.

Course content

Week I: Leadership & Governance I

  • Leadership
  • Leadership of the Self
  • Thinking Mindfully
  • Professionalism, Ethics and Integrity in Public Service
  • Presentation/Communication Skills

Week II: Leadership & Governance II

  • Design Thinking
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Public Policies: Key Socio-economic Considerations

Week III: Outdoor Learning Expedition & Team Building Camp

Week IV: Bhutan: Evolution as a Nation

  • Bhutan’s Political History: Formation and Development of the Bhutanese State
  • The Role of Monarchs in Shaping the Bhutanese State: 100 Years & Beyond
  • Bhutan’s Foreign Policy: Key Issues
  • Bhutanese Values and Tradition/Culture
  • Domestic Security: Trends and Issues
  • Role of State Institutions in the Economy
  • Monetary Policy/Banking Issues
  • Bhutan’s Political Economy: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

Competitive Selection Process

1. Intake & Slots distribution
Sl. No. Category/Sector Mode of selection Slots
1 Civil Servants Open competition 15
2 Armed Forces Nomination by Armed Forces and final selection by RIGSS 3


Nomination by agencies and final selection by RIGSS


4 Autonomous agencies/Private/CSOs

Open competition

5 His Majesty’s nominees Nomination 4
2. Online Application System

The admissions for the course will be announced on media (BBS, Newspapers and RIGSS website and Facebook page). All interested and eligible candidates will be invited to register and apply for the course through the RIGSS Online Application System.

3. Submission of Written Works & Other Credentials

Applicants must submit their written works and other credentials on or before the deadline specified in the announcement. While the minimum qualification required to be eligible for YPLP is a Bachelor’s Degree, candidates with higher qualifications will be given additional marks in the selection. Further, extra-ordinary achievements, which are supported by proof of recognition/reward, will also be awarded additional marks.

4. Declaration of Results for Shortlisted Candidates

Based on evaluation of the written works, marks obtained in the Class X and XII Board examinations and academic qualifications, applicants will be shortlisted and names of the shortlisted candidates will be announced on the Institute’s website (

5. Psychometric Test for Shortlisted Candidates

Shortlisted candidates will have to give an online psychometric test as a part of the final selection. Test instructions and deadline will be emailed to candidates soon after the shortlisted candidates are declared.

6. Interview for Shortlisted Candidates

A Skype interview will be organized for all shortlisted candidates. The date and time for interviews are scheduled by the Institute and communicated to candidates in advance of the interviews. The interview usually lasts for 15-20 minutes.

7. Declaration of Final Results

Names of the selected candidates will be announced on the Institute’s website (

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates applying for the course must meet the following general and sector specific eligibility criteria:

1. General Criteria (applies to all candidates)
  • Applicants must have a minimum qualification of Bachelors degree (any field)
  • Applicants should be within 40 years of age
  • An applicant should maintain a minimum gap of five years between two RIGSS courses (FLP/YPLP/SELP). For example, if a candidate has attended the YPLP course, he/she will be eligible for the SELP course only after five years.
2. Sector-specific Criteria:
  • Applicants from the civil service must be in P2 or P3 position levels
  • Applicants from constitutional bodies, autonomous agencies, corporations, SoEs, CSOs and private companies must possess a minimum work experience of 8 years (CVs should clearly specify job history)
  • Applicants from the armed forces must be in the rank of a Major

Apart from the above eligibility criteria, the following attributes pertaining to the candidates are also assessed:

  • Outstanding track record of service 

  • High degree of developmental readiness 

  • High potential for future leadership roles 

  • Ability and willingness to work in teams

Currently shouldering managerial/leadership roles