Director's Welcome

Director2018 is a special year for RIGSS as we commemorate our fifth anniversary. RIGSS has been constantly evolving since it was founded in 2013 by His Majesty The King as a leadership institute and a think tank. We started off with our flagship leadership course, the four-week Senior Executive Leadership Program (SELP), and over the years we have launched seven other leadership courses. From foundational level to senior executives, RIGSS covers the entire spectrum of professionals in its leadership development initiatives. Our main courses are open to all sectors. We also offer tailor-made courses such as the Military Leaders Strategic Studies Seminar (MLS), Leadership Program for Parliamentarians (LPP), Bhutan Foreign Service Program (BFSP) and a few more.

By the end of this year, some 1000 Bhutanese leaders and professionals would have undergone training at our institute. Given the design of our curriculum, it means that many leaders and potential future leaders would have gained a deeper understanding of our country, our collective aspirations and the likely challenges. They would have also acquired key leadership skills and insight needed to navigate and innovate through difficult situations to achieve their goals for their organizations and the country.

His Majesty The King has always emphasized that we should leverage on our smallness as a country and use it to our advantage. In light of this inspiration, the prospects of our alumni bringing positive change and progress to our country is real and encouraging. A thousand is a big and impactful number, particularly for Bhutan.

In its pursuit to be a world-class thought leader in policy, governance and strategic issues, RIGSS has also recently launched its Research Wing. Research at RIGSS will focus on five key areas of data analysis, foreign policy, national security, emerging technologies and finance. These crucial areas of research will enable us to provide meaningful input to policy-making and governance. We are particularly excited at the prospects of collaboration with other organizations to work on joint research projects.

Over the past five years, RIGSS has made consistent efforts to build a class of its own, at par with the best in the world. Our curriculum, designed on the foundation of knowledge, values and skills are taught by a higly select body of national and international faculty. And our institutional and boarding facilities are all built to create an ambience most conducive to learning, networking and research.

We are living through some exciting times in our country’s history; times that call for deep reflections on our individual and collective roles in nation-building. We invite you to join us in our programs that are designed to help you discover that role and the promise you hold to measure up to it.

Welcome to RIGSS, your gateway to transformation.

Chewang Rinzin
(Dy. Chamberlain to His Majesty The King)