RIGSS Policy Seminar

The RIGSS Policy Seminar brings relevant stakeholders to discuss topical issues in the format of a moderated panel discussion. The seminars seek to understand policy issues from the perspectives of different stakeholders and explore possible alternative solutions. Depending on the themes, the seminars are sometimes organized in collaboration with relevant organizations.

The seminars entail presentations on the issue by the panellists and moderated discussions amongst them followed by Q&A session with the audience.

The following issues have been discussed in the RIGSS Policy Seminars conducted till date:

Sl. No. Activity Topic Venue Date
1 1st RIGSS Policy Seminar The Unemployment Challenge Gaeddu College of Business Studies 1/4/2015
2 2nd RIGSS Policy Seminar Bhutan’s Mining Sector-Prospects, Problems and Way Forward RIGSS 29/4/2016
3 3rd RIGSS Policy Seminar Challenges and Prospects for Youth Employment in the Agriculture Sector CNR, Lobesa 3/09/2016
4 4th RIGSS Policy Seminar What Ails Public Procurement in Bhutan? RIGSS 10/12/2016
5 5th RIGSS Policy Seminar Promotion of Bhutanese Culture: Vision & Challenges Samtse College of Education 10/5/2017
6 6th RIGSS Policy Seminar Sustaining Health Care in Bhutan RIGSS 21/10/2017
7 7th RIGSS Policy Seminar Rising inequality in Bhutan: Should we be concerned? RIGSS 22/1/2018

8th RIGSS Policy Seminar

Understanding the Concept and the Scope of its Application RIGSS 14/09/2022

A Special RIGSS Panel Session by Mr. Philip Yeo

Neither Civil Nor Servant Zhichenkhar, Thimphu 28/11/2023