The RIGSS Policy Debate

In keeping with the institute’s mission to “promote critical analysis of public policies and applied research works that influence real-life policy decisions” the institute organizes the RIGSS Policy Debates amongst its course participants on topical, contentious policy issues. The debates are intended to provide a deeper understanding of the issue, promote diversity of opinion and stimulate new thinking.

The RIGSS Policy Debates are attended by invitees relevant to the topic of the debates. The following is the list of policy debates organized by RIGSS till date:

Sl. No. Activity Topic Venue Date
1 1st RIGSS Policy Debate Should mining in Bhutan be nationalized? RIGSS 7/11/2013
2 2nd RIGSS Policy Debate The WTO: Should Bhutan belong there? RIGSS 27/3/2014
3 3rd RIGSS Policy Debate The government should urgently frame policies to discourage rural – urban migration in Bhutan RIGSS 14/11/2014
4 4th RIGSS Policy Debate Hydropower development has hindered growth & development of Bhutan’s other productive sectors RIGSS 19/3/2015
5 5th RIGSS Policy Debate The high value, low impact tourism policy is outdated and constrains further development of the sector RIGSS 29/8/2015
6 6th RIGSS Policy Debate The Civil Service need not be apolitical to be impartial RIGSS 17/3/2016
7 7th RIGSS Policy Debate The Economic Development Policy 2016 is inadequate to meet the economic challenges facing our country RIGSS 22/10/2016
8 8th RIGSS Policy Debate Social Media has democratized the space for public opinion, and therefore, must be promoted. RIGSS 25/3/2017